Tebas confirms LaLiga’s complaint to PSG in the coming days

Tebas confirms LaLigas complaint to PSG in the coming days

The president of the Spanish league considers that operations such as the renewal of Mbappé are outrageous. the president of The league, Javier Thebeshas confirmed during his participation this Monday in breakfasts of the Sports Press Association of Valladolid that in the next few days they will proceed to “denounce Paris Saint Germain –PSG-, as … Read more

Tebas: “The Super League concept is dead”

The president of the Spanish LaLiga stressed that “what is dangerous” is the intention of the big clubs to dominate football The president of The league Spanish, Javier Tebas, participated this Monday in a debate on the future of football together with his Portuguese counterpart Pedro Proença and assured that “the concept of Super league … Read more

Tebas: “I can show, with figures, the deception of PSG with the FFP”

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It is not the first time that Javier Tebas has charged hard against PSG. “The club-states are as dangerous to the football ecosystem as the Super League. We were critical of the Super League because it destroys European football and we are just as critical of PSG“, exposed on Twitter shortly after the transfer market … Read more

Palo de Tebas to Madrid

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LaLiga has responded forcefully to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic, that This Friday they issued a joint statement in which they report that they are challenging the competition agreement with CVC “as it is a pact that violates the provisions of the applicable regulations and in particular the Royal Decree that was approved in the … Read more

Tebas blames Laporta for the departure of Messi from Barcelona: “It could be avoided”

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BARCELONA – Javier Tebas blamed Barcelona, ​​and its president Joan Laporta directly, for Messi’s departure to PSG, stating that it “was not for financial reasons, I know for sure that his departure could have been prevented.” In an interview with the newspaper Sport, the LaLiga president acknowledged that Messi’s case was “painful because I personally … Read more

Charge against LaLiga: Joan Gaspart assured that “Tebas does not want Barcelona or Catalonia”

The relationship Barcelona – The league it is more and more broken. Some members of the club feel that something else could be done regarding the situation they experienced a few weeks ago with the departure of Lionel Messi from Catalonia due to the statutes of the body that regulates Spanish professional football. To this … Read more

Tebas: “Messi’s departure hurt, but it wasn’t because of this agreement”

Tebas Messis departure hurt but it wasnt because of this

BARCELONA – LaLiga president Javier Tebas was perplexed by Barcelona’s position, blaming the agreement he has just confirmed with the financial CVC for the departure of Lionel messi, pointing out that “I do not know the numbers of Barça and what it is doing to reduce its salary mass. But we are talking about more … Read more

The RFEF considers the agreement with CVC for ‘LaLiga Impulso’ illegal and Tebas replies

The RFEF considers the agreement with CVC for LaLiga Impulso

Updated 08/11/2021 – 12:27 Fthe Spanish Football Federation was due to rule in the case of LaLiga Impulse, and they already have. They consider the agreement with the CVC fund illegal. Missing just 24 hours after the LaLiga Club Assembly is held in which you will vote the possibility of going forward LaLiga Impulse, the … Read more

Tebas responds to Laporta that agreement with CVC does not mortgage Barcelona’s television rights

Tebas responds to Laporta that agreement with CVC does not

Javier Tebas indicated that the operation with the international fund does not mortgage rights, in response to Laporta’s explanation regarding the departure of Lionel Messi The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured that the operation with the international CVC fund does not mortgage the television rights of Barcelona 50 years, in response to what was … Read more

Sparks fly between Tebas and Laporta: “Now you are worried about future LaLiga income that you thought was dead”

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Updated 08/06/2021 – 12:50 Lat the wheel of the president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, in which he explained the goodbye of Messi After the completion of the negotiations with the Argentine, it has elicited multiple reactions around the world. One of them, specifically one of those “alluded to” by Laporta’s explanations, has arrived in the … Read more