MLB News: Three teams show interest in Japanese pitcher who throws 100 MPH and is almost seven feet tall; there is favorite

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have shown interest in Japanese pitcher Shintaro Fujinami. The report also lists the San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox as other teams in the mixbut it suggests the D-backs are emerging as one of the favorites to reach a deal with the right-hander. Fujinami it was made available to Major League … Read more

Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer, paddle tennis, basketball and even a veterinarian to face the post-pandemic

Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer paddle tennis basketball and even a

Thinking about the demand of consumers in the post-pandemic and also with the purpose of attracting a greater number of public to its premises, Alto Avellaneda, one of the IRSA shopping centers with the highest turnover, decided to incorporate a veterinary, movie theaters XD, soccer fields 5, basketball and paddle tennis, among others. The “refresh” … Read more

Roberto Horacio Mancini: A tall Juninense pivot from the ’60s and’ 70s

I was born in Junín in the neighborhood of El Picaflor, Italia and Remedios de Escalada de San Martín. A spectacular neighborhood. All working people. There were two groups. We were the youngest, and the oldest like Linguido, Greco, Mirambell, who were the ones we had to hook up with to play ball in the … Read more