Oh Sosa! Hero and villain in difficult defeat of Millonarios in Copa

Oh Sosa Hero and villain in difficult defeat of Millonarios

Millonarios could not maintain the advantage, the entry in the first half was ideal, but the expulsion condemned Alberto Gamero’s approach against Fluminense, who took the advantage 1-2 in the first leg of the second phase of the Copa Libertadores . Millonarios entered with criteria, trying to impose the conditions from the start, taking the … Read more

Sammy Sosa remains firm: “I am Hall of Fame; nobody takes it away from me”

Sammy Sosa remains firm I am Hall of Fame nobody

Most likely there has not been voting to the Hall of Fame more controversial than the one in progress for the Generation of 2022. One of the ex-players who is running as a candidate is Sammy Sosa, who recently spoke about the issue and comments regarding whether or not he should be in the ‘Immortals … Read more

From Sosa to Tejada: the latest scandals of Dominican players

From Sosa to Tejada the latest scandals of Dominican players

From the former player Sammy Sosa even the former player of Big leagues, Miguel Tejadahave been pointed out by the Dominican justice in recent times. In the case of Miguel Tejada: On December 18 of the 2021 course, the newspaper TODAY, made the publication about an arrest warrant against the former player of Big leagues. … Read more

Sammy Sosa appears before the Public Ministry for an alleged link with Operation Antipulpo

Former Major League Baseball Superstar Samuel Sosa, better known as Sammy Sosa, is interrogated this wednesday afternoon at the headquarters of the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Persecution of Administrative Corruption (Pepca) to respond to an alleged relationship with some of the companies in the corruption network dismantled through Operation Antipulpo. The ex-baseball … Read more

Sammy Sosa: The Dominican face in sports after the tragedy of September 11

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The Dominican had one of the most significant sporting moments in the days after the attack against the World Trade Center and the US capital The 1September 1, 2001 It was a day that completely changed the world we live in. The terrorist attack on World trade center already the American capital completely transformed the … Read more