Red Sox: Pedro Martínez talks about that incident with the Yankees in 2003 and the ‘Little Soldier’ ​​Zimmer

There is no doubt that one of the fiercest rivalries of the entire sports world is the hatred of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, who during the last two decades have written in gold letters impressive episodes of their rivalry, including postseason duels, fights, declarations and a lot of baseball. However, … Read more

Soldier warned! Everton made worrying official announcement to James

Soldier warned Everton made worrying official announcement to James

James Rodríguez is with Everton in the United States, ready to participate in the Florida Cup. Everything seems to be going well, except for one detail: will his last appearance be dressed in blue? According to information from the Liverpool Echo newspaper, both the player and his agent, Jorge Mendes, have been officially informed of … Read more