Chelsea, OK; Lukaku and Werner, KO

Lhe visit from Malmoe seemed like a propitious occasion for Romelu Lukaku to end his five-game sequa without scoring with Chelsea. Nevertheless, It ended up becoming an ordeal. The reigning European champion won easy (4-0), but lost Werner and Lukaku himself through injury. An overpriced toll that, at least, was relieved by goals from Andreas … Read more

Vinicius raises a monument in Kiev

ANDl Real Madrid buried their doubts in the Kiev Olympics. Where its first crisis occurred last year, Ancelotti’s team ran over Shakhtar with patience and talent. The match matured, he took advantage of the opponent’s mistake to unleash himself after the break. It was then that Vinicius poured out all his class, with a memorable … Read more

One to one of Real Madrid vs Shakhtar: Rodrygo eats Hazard and Asensio

ANDl Real Madrid I regained my good tone in Champions just before Classic. On a good game that broke in the second half the most prominent players were Vinicius, who scored two goals, and Rodrygo, who once again showed that he has an affair with this competition. The kid, in that position of right-handed winger … Read more

Sevilla survive a shooting


ANDl Seville started with a tie your participation in Champions, resisting everything that happened to him in an afternoon where the referee was the undisputed protagonist. He was not wrong on key plays, but he ended up making the local players desperate. It is normal that in other sports you can see penalties or maximum … Read more

There is no one who surpasses Cristiano in Champions


Cristiano has rope for a while, he demonstrated last Saturday in his rebut with Manchester United with his double against Newcastle. He gave the feeling that he had never left Old Trafford twelve years ago on his way to Real Madrid. Her last encounter with him United in Europe was on May 27, 2009 in … Read more