Unusual: Campazzo is no longer in Denver due to his size

Unusual Campazzo is no longer in Denver due to his

A team that imposes itself from above, that is what the Denver Nuggets for the new season NBA. This bet, as argued by the highest authorities of the franchise, is the reason why it was decided not to renew the contract to Facundo Campazzowho still remains a free agent. Look also ​”Facu gave his heart … Read more

Mancini echoes Judge’s criticism of Camden Yards’ size

Mancini echoes Judges criticism of Camden Yards size

Aaron Judge became the latest hitter to criticize the new pitcher-friendly dimensions at Camden Yards in Baltimore, and the Orioles veteran Trey Mancini seems to agree with the New York Yankees slugger. After missing a potential home run that bounced off the top of the newly constructed high wall in left field Tuesday night, Judge … Read more