Tatum ready to shoot better in Game 2

Tatum ready to shoot better in Game 2

SAN FRANCISCO — Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum said he wastes no time worrying about his 3-for-17 shooting performance in Game 1, saying it’s not the first time he’s had a bad game and he’s confident which will be recovered for Game 2. “Once you’ve done something before, you know how to respond,” Tatum said … Read more

Emiliano Martínez challenged Cristiano to shoot the penalty, Bruno Fernandes blew it up and the goalkeeper celebrated with a dance

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The Argentine goalkeeper always ‘puts on a show’ in penalties and now in the ‘Theater of Dreams’ he was no exception Emiliano Martínez was a wall with Aston Villa, and it is that the Argentine goalkeeper intimidated and provoked Cristiano Ronaldo to shoot a penalty in favor of Manchester United, which ended up being collected … Read more

Grealish replies to Keane: “I won’t let people say I didn’t want to shoot a penalty.”

Grealish replies to Keane I wont let people say I

Bukayo Saka lived with just 19 years one of the greatest moments of responsibility that can happen in a career as a footballer. The Arsenal man was chosen to shoot the fifth penalty in the shootout decided by the European champion. At Wembley, against Italy and against the best player of the tournament, Gigi Donnarumma. … Read more