New scandal in the NFL: Buffalo Bills player accused of participating in the rape of a young woman

New scandal in the NFL Buffalo Bills player accused of

Matt Araiza is the only kicker the Buffalo Bills have on their roster. Photo: Joshua Bessex/Getty Images Buffalo Bills rookie kicker Matt Araiza was accused this Friday of raping a minor along with two other men during a party in 2021. According to the lawsuit filed in San Diego County Superior Court, California, the 22-year-old … Read more

NFL player reaches settlement with 20 women who accuse him of sexual misconduct

The star players of the 2022 NFL Draft.webp

The field marshal of the NFL Cleveland Brownsand former Houston Texans, deshaun watsonreached a settlement Tuesday with 20 of the 24 women who filed lawsuits against him for sexual misconduct. The attorney representing the women, Tony Buzbee, reported that the amounts in these settlements were confidential and that he would not comment further. Tony Buzbee … Read more