Universitario beat Salto Uruguay and there were no goals for Ferro and Arsenal | Daily Change

1660823533 Universitario beat Salto Uruguay and there were no goals for

The first date of the Salteño of the ‘A’ was completed. Universitario began losing to Salto Uruguay but ended up winning it and the first goalless draw was recorded between Ferro Carril and Arsenal.WITH THE EXPERIENCE THE ‘RED’Universitario with substitutes but players with all the experience beat a youthful and spirited team from Salto Uruguay … Read more

Rental car services in Salto with established stop, decreed in October 1931 | Daily Change

Rental car services in Salto with established stop decreed in

By Cary de los SantosIn Montevideo, shortly after the arrival of the automobile, entrepreneurs dedicated themselves to the car rental business settled down. Here in Salto Oriental, the first vehicle registrations were made as “rental cars” and it lasted that way for many years. However, remembering the pioneering entrepreneurs in urban passenger transport “León Jadra … Read more

Inmujeres assures that there is interest in opening a shelter for women victims of violence in Salto | Daily Change

Inmujeres assures that there is interest in opening a shelter

By Karina De Mattos.Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, in Salto today, in addition to the posters of the women who were murdered in the national territory, we carry the poster of Nataly who was murdered here, and we must focus on our department and how to … Read more

Salto Shopping Mall is experiencing one of its worst crises after the closure of bridges due to the pandemic | Daily Change


By Andrés Torterola.To speak of the shopping promenade or popularly called “bagashopping” of Salto, is to refer to a multitude of people, many businesses and an incessant movement of merchants who offer their products at very good prices. Although the good prices continue, the rest is just a memory, very few people go to this … Read more

Salto Nuevo achieved its first victory | Daily Change

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In the debut of Rodolfo Aguirre in the technical direction, Salto Nuevo achieved his first victory in the Salteño Championship, against Ferro Carril by 3-1.The albiverde team controlled the game in general and from Leonardo Ferrari’s goal took over the points.Ferro Carril lined up an alternative team and ended up being very light in attack.He … Read more

An agricultural company employee filmed a maned wolf in the rural area of ​​Salto, an endangered species | Daily Change

Its presence in Uruguay is almost mythical, to the point that videos supposedly taken in our country frequently circulate on the networks but which invariably turn out to be from Brazil or Argentina. This time, however, there is no doubt: a maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyrus) was filmed in great detail and under unusual circumstances in … Read more

In Salto, Afro-descendants are discriminated against and do not have the same opportunities as whites | Daily Change

By Andrés Torterola.Yesterday, the International Day of Afro-descendants was celebrated, this 2021 is celebrated for the first time, on August 31, the International Day of Afro-descendants. With this celebration, the idea is to promote the extraordinary contributions of the African diaspora around the world and eliminate all forms of discrimination against people of African descent.STRUCTURAL … Read more

Salto Grande promotes large logistics development: dry port, barge port and rail | Daily Change

By Andrés Ferreira.Dr. Carlos Albisu -president of the Salto Grande Mixed Technical Commission- held meetings last week with the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, where they discussed logistics development issues that are intended to be promoted in the Salto Grande area. To find out more details, CAMBIO interviewed Albisu, who provided information on … Read more

“In 19 years of presence in Salto our mission was to progress by doing things well” | Daily Change

1629054252 In 19 years of presence in Salto our mission was

By Melisa Ferradini.Daniel Galván is 48 years old. 19 years ago he left his job to start his own. This is how La Roca Marmolería y Pinturería was born on August 1, 2002. His life was spent in the Lazareto neighborhood with his parents Heriberto and Teresita and his brother Carlos. He went to kindergarten … Read more