MLB: Red Sox fans warn Liverpool that owners will do a ‘Mookie Betts’ with Mohamed Salah

MLB Red Sox fans warn Liverpool that owners will do

Until not long ago, it was believed that the superstellar of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Mookie Betts, would stay with the Boston Red Sox throughout his career, being one of his best players in the recent history of the franchise being World Series champion and MVP winner. However, the team’s owners had other plans and … Read more

The incredible failure of Mohamed Salah that led to Liverpool’s loss to Leicester

The incredible failure of Mohamed Salah that led to Liverpools

* The chance that Mohamed Salah wasted against Kasper Schmeichel It was a scene that is not used to observe in the Liverpool. Especially for the protagonist who interpreted the maneuver that loaded with suspense the show that was played in the King Power Stadium. Is that Mohamed salah he had the goal on his … Read more

Salah and City draw at Anfield


ORn packed to the brim featured Anfield. The spectacular atmosphere seemed to influence the players of both teams.. They went out onto the field at a very high pace, however, it resulted in inaccuracies and little football. But everything changed when Manchester City managed to warm up and get into the game, something that Liverpool … Read more

Tecatito Corona was shown as a right back; Salah and Firmino struck down at Porto

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The Dragons had a hole on their right wing, with Vieira and Corona, two players more used to building than defending Liverpool won 1-5 with two doubles of Salah and Firmino yet Porto that he was no rival despite playing at home and that he greatly missed the supremacy exercised in defense by the ex-Madridista … Read more

How to be the fastest on the pitch: the secret of Messi, Salah and Benzema

On average, footballers travel a distance of 10 kilometers during a match. Speed ​​will not make a team win, but it is certainly a factor that contributes to victory and is becoming increasingly important. Today’s football is characterized by its high intensity, which requires outstanding physical abilities from the players. For this reason, most coaches … Read more