Rooney: “Cristiano is fucking annoying”

Rooney Cristiano is fucking annoying

Wayne Rooney he never bites his tongue. English speaks about everything and everyone without any problem. And, according to statements collected by The Sun, he has recalled some of the moments of his career. Of all of them, two proper names stand out, that of Cristiano Ronaldo and the one of Alex Ferguson. Cristiano probably … Read more

Rooney says ‘no’ to United

Once the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from Old Trafford, the Manchester United board of directors has set to work to find a coach capable of redirecting the situation that the Mancunians are going through. Eighth, 3 points behind the European positions, 12 behind the leadership and after accumulating 4 defeats in the last 5 … Read more

Rooney Pedroza, the ‘English’ who returns to football in the Football League

Rooney Pedroza the English who returns to football in the

Two years after playing his last game with Zacatecas miners and dedicating your time to a real estate business, Antonio Pedroza, footballer emerged in Chiapas Jaguars So what played in 2011 for Crystal Palace of the England Second Division, decided to play again after accepting an offer from the Chapulineros from Oaxaca who play in … Read more

Rooney broke the silence after the new media scandal in which he starred: “I made a mistake”

Rooney broke the silence after the new media scandal in

Rooney referred to the viral photos in which he appeared The former reference of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney got involved in a scandal over the weekend and his face monopolized a large number of covers of the main English sports media after photos of him leaked during a private party in England. The now Derby … Read more

A party, viral photos and a police report: Wayne Rooney was involved in a new media scandal

A party viral photos and a police report Wayne Rooney

Rooney went out with friends after his team’s 2-1 loss Wayne Rooney He returned to become the protagonist of the main British media for his life off the pitch. The now Derby County coach It was photographed by a group of women with which he spent the night while celebrating the birthday of one of … Read more