CC Sabathia will work with Rob Manfred in the MLB office

CC Sabathia will work with Rob Manfred in the MLB scaled

Former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was named Wednesday as Special Assistant to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. CC Sabathia, who played 19 seasons in the Big leagueswill continue to be linked to baseball and will work directly in the office of the Commissioner Rob Manfredwhere it will help you increase diversity and make an … Read more

MLB owners don’t want to pay for players’ food

MLB owners dont want to pay for players food

The owners of the Angels, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Reds opposed increasing the Luxury Tax, so MLB proposed including food expenses among CBT expenses. Yesterday it came to light that four owners of MLB they had voted against Rob Manfred’s final proposal for being “too generous” to the players. Today it was learned that it is … Read more

OVERWHELMING! Willson Contreras affirmed that MLB never acted in good faith

OVERWHELMING Willson Contreras affirmed that MLB never acted in good

The Venezuelan catcher of the Chicago Cubs, Willson Contreras, gave his opinion on the work stoppage of the Major Leagues After yesterday, Rob Manfred, commissioner of the MLB, made the cancellation of the first two series of the regular season official, the players have not stopped reacting to such a situation and Contreras was no … Read more

Fans create campaign to boycott MLBTV network

Fans create campaign to boycott MLBTV network

Frederlin Castro to”, @fr3djcd With every passing hour, it seems like the league and union aren’t going to find common ground on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before Major League Baseball’s chosen deadline of February 28. The league decided that if an agreement is not reached by the last day of the month (Monday), the … Read more

Rob Manfred and his flirtation with controversy

Rob Manfred and his flirtation with controversy

Harold Capote Fernandez The ninth commissioner of the best baseball in the world was born on September 28, 1958 in Rome, New York. He is a lawyer and business leader, along with his wife, Colleen, he has four children: Megan, Michael, Jane and Mary Claire. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of some companies, … Read more

MLB: The new ball that would be used in Spring Training and even in season

While, unsurprisingly, much of the focus of Rob manfred it was in the central economic structure of the game, it also touched on some other issues. The MLB commissioner expressed optimism about the Ongoing testing of the league of pre-studded baseballs, suggesting that they hoped to test the prototype in spring training in 2022. Manfred … Read more

MLB: Rob Manfred discusses the possibility of a Major League lockout

The current collective agreement expires in less than two weeks, with the possibility of an off-season freeze looming. If no new deal is reached when the current one ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 1, the general expectation within the industry is that owners will block players, which will result in a ban on … Read more

MLB Players Association makes second financial proposal to GL

Last week, the MLB Players Association made its second proposal on core economics in collective bargaining discussions with the league. The new proposal contained only minor adjustments compared to the first MLBPA offering, which was held in May. In August, that the MLBPA’s first offer included an emphasis on former refereeing for young players, but … Read more