Chivas affected by arbitration, with a goal against and expulsion of Alexis Vega, according to Ramos Rizo

Chivas affected by arbitration with a goal against and

For ESPN’s arbitration specialist, Felipe Ramos Rizo, the whistler Fernando Hernández failed to approve Puebla’s tying goal and that caused the expulsion of Alexis Vega, due to claims The play of the second goal of Puebla and the expulsion of Alexis Vega They were part of the criticism that Felipe Ramos Rizo made about the … Read more

Felipe Ramos Rizo signals compensation from the referee for Cruz Azul with a penalty against Necaxa

Felipe Ramos Rizo signals compensation from the referee for Cruz

The ESPN specialist considered that the referee was wrong by not marking a hand that was a penalty in favor of La Maquina and then compensated with the maximum penalty in favor of Cruz Azul Blue Cross took advantage over Necaxa with a penalty that was not a foul and they did not mark in … Read more

Criminal Against Chivas Divides Opinions On Social Networks; Ramos Rizo sees the decision correct

The penalty committed by the Guadalajara defender, Gilberto Sepúlveda, generated opinions in favor and against, although for the ESPN specialist it was a correct decision MEXICO — Puebla equalized the score before Chivas after a tight penalty on Guillermo Martínez, by Gilberto Sepúlveda. The play motivated that users on social networks divided opinions. The penalty … Read more

Ramos Rizo: ‘They forgave Chicote Calderon the red one’

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The ESPN analyst and former international referee assured that the Guadalajara player had to be expelled for a hard tackle to an Americanista MEXICO – At minute 29, the steering wheel of Guadalajara, Cristian Calderon, he gave a hard foul to Jorge Sanchez, same as the ESPN analyst, Felipe Ramos Rizo considered that the player … Read more

VAR removed penalty in favor of Brazil; Rizo: Shame on the penalty

VAR removed penalty in favor of Brazil Rizo Shame on

Douglas Luiz went to the ground when looking for the penalty when he felt the contact with Joaquín Esquivel, but the play was reviewed and it was determined that there was no penalty against Mexico The arbitration analyst of ESPN Felipe Ramos Rizo described as shameful that the penalty of the Mexican midfielder Joaquín Esquivel, … Read more