An expected visit; the NFL returns south of the Rio Grande

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

For just over two years, the coronavirus pandemic it altered the lives of a large part of the population that had to undergo a long confinement. The National Football League was no exception and during the 2020 and 2021 season it discarded a classic date from its calendar: The visit to Mexico City. With the … Read more

Pinar del Río ANNOUNCES updated preselection for Series 61

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas In the early hours of this Wednesday, October 20, the baseball authorities in the province of Pinar del Río officially announced the latest update to the preselection of the Vegueros, which is trained in their premises of Captain San Luis with a view to the forthcoming 61st edition of the … Read more

Río Cuarto will host the Regional Championship of the Maxi Basketball Center

The main venue will be the North Band. In addition, they will lend their facilities Gorriones, the University and Alberdi Cultural Center. The tournament will feature 29 teams in four categories. Five will compete at +30, 13 at +40, 8 at +50 and 3 at +60. The teams are from the provinces of Córdoba, Entre … Read more

Choosing the MVP of each edition of the Olympic Games: part two, from Los Angeles 1984 to Rio 2016 | Spain | The Official Site of the NBA

Choosing the MVP of each edition of the Olympic Games

Unlike what happens in any FIBA ​​tournament or in the NBA itself, at the Olympic Games there are no individual awards. Ideal quintets are not chosen, much less an MVP. It is because of this lack that the idea arose: if we had to review what happened in each of the editions, based on individual … Read more