MLB: Gift class! Mets sign right-handed reliever on birthday who won’t pitch until 2023

MLB Gift class Mets sign right handed reliever on birthday who

The New York Mets they are signing the reliever veteran John Curtiss to a major league deal, general manager Billy Eppler told reporters. Curtiss will earn $770,000 this season, and next year’s option is valued at $775,000. It is a kind of anniversary gift for this player who celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, reaching another … Read more

MLB: How Billy Wagner reinvented himself from right-handed pitching to left-handed

MLB How Billy Wagner reinvented himself from right handed pitching to

It sounds like a baseball legend, the kind of story your grandpa might have told you before bedtime when you were little and believed everything you were told. A young boy in the Appalachia region of Virginia breaks his right arm –– his dominant arm — twice, before he was 7 years old. Somehow he … Read more

Pujols: Miguel Cabrera is the best right-handed hitter I’ve ever seen

Photo Archive Baseball legend and Los Angeles Dodgers player Albert Pujols claimed in an interview that Miguel Cabrera is the best right-hander he has ever seen. In a video published by the sports journalist Marly Rivera, Pujols referred to Miguel Cabrera’s talent and the relationship he has with him: “For me he has been one … Read more