The Lakers: a recipe for failure

MLB Rookie millionaire Braves sign eight year extension to young freshman

The current version of the Los Angeles team is an example of everything that a franchise should not do. Just a few months ago, a television series called “Winning Time” was released, which recounts the conception and rise of the dynasty of Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, illustrates, in a hollywodesque way, how the … Read more

Ancelotti changes the recipe

1658238764 Sorpresa Mayoral fuera de la gira

A different season calls for a different approach. Holding the World Cup in the middle of the season presents clubs with an unknown challenge. Ancelotti has publicly expressed his concern. “The reasons for the rotations are because we have a very strong squad, we have to keep everyone motivated and there is a World Cup … Read more

Pepe Sand’s recipe. Diet, training, friendship and horses: the 41-year-old boy who beats the wind

1627378670 Pepe Sands recipe Diet training friendship and horses the 41 year old

Fotobaires José Gustavo Sand, Pepe, just turned 41. It is the symbol of Lanús, one of the leaders of the 2021 Tournament and, with four goals, the contest’s gunner. The rubric for another season confirms the theory: it is only knocked down by the wind. Refugee Team: dramatic life stories that are repaired with sport … Read more