Triple H would have scrapped Ezekiel’s character as quickly as he became Chief Creative Officer

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

Triple H reportedly scrapped Ezekiel’s storyline as soon as he took over as WWE’s Chief Creative Officer. Since Tiple H has been Creative Chief in WWE, things have changed remarkably. So it is natural to notice how characters and stories that were being carried out under the command of Vince McMahon, are quickly discarded or … Read more

Soto adapts quickly to the 2nd turn, gives HR

Soto adapts quickly to the 2nd turn gives HR

JUPITER, Florida – As long as he can write Juan José Soto’s name on the lineup, manager Dave Martinez is happy. After batting third or fourth for most of Soto’s first four major league seasons, Martinez was pleased with the way the young Dominican star looked Wednesday in the second at-bat. “I really like it … Read more