Who are the Lobas de Aguascalientes, the three-time champions who promote women’s basketball in Mexico?

Who are the Lobas de Aguascalientes the three time champions who

Lobas de Aguascalientes is one of the LMBPF teams that has sought to promote this women’s sport in Mexico. She-wolves of Aguascalientes It is one of the two teams with the most titles in the Mexican Women’s Professional Basketball League (LMBPF)achieving such feats during 2017, 2018 and most recently in 2021. The LMBPF was created … Read more

Cavaliers promote Mike Gansey to GM

Cavaliers promote Mike Gansey to GM

The Cleveland Cavaliers have promoted assistant general manager Mike Gansey to the top job, the team announced Wednesday. The move comes in the wake of Koby Altman’s recent promotion to president of basketball operations. Gansey will continue to assist Altman with recruiting and personnel decisions, while increasing his role in the Cavaliers’ draft preparations and … Read more

OPINION: The NFL fails to promote black leadership. Like most US institutions

OPINION The NFL fails to promote black leadership Like most

There are three things in life in this country that you can always depend on: death, taxes and sportswriters criticizing the NFL for its lack of black head coaches. With the firing of David Culley by the Houston Texans after just one term, the league is left with only one black coach, Mike Tomlin of … Read more

How much it cost the National Lottery to promote itself in the MLB World Series

How much it cost the National Lottery to promote itself

In game 1 of the past United States Major League Baseball World Series, one of the most watched events in the world, an advertisement appeared for the National lottery at court level, just behind the pitcher. This promotion in the fall classic drew criticism from members of opposition parties. “If instead of advertising in the … Read more

INAU and the Uruguayan Federation of Basket-Ball signed an agreement to promote sports practice

INAU and the Uruguayan Federation of Basket Ball signed an agreement

The Uruguayan Federation of Basket-Ball (FUBB) and the Uruguayan Child and Adolescent Institute (INAU) met at the FUBB to sign an agreement that promotes the practice of basketball in boys, girls and adolescents linked to the INAU. The agreement consists of facilitating access to the facilities of the clubs in the federation, as well as … Read more

MLB: Will you get on the boat? Mariners could promote GL to pitcher prospect


The young man pitcher Matt Brash was at home on Monday in the T-Mobile Park and appears to be in line to contribute in some way to the last five games of the Seattle Mariners, possibly starting this next Tuesday. He’s likely to start in place of Japanese southpaw Yusei Kikuchi, whose second-half struggles have … Read more