On the branches you play! The super colocolina programming for the weekend: Volleyball, Basketball, futsal, youth and professional soccer

Colo Colo live a year that excites its fans. The first place in the National Championship and the possibility of increasing the advantage, this Sunday at 4:30 p.m., before Catholic University could begin to consolidate the possibility of being crowned champion of the national tournament. However, the albos also enjoy the moment of their sporting … Read more

This is how the triple date of the tie will be played: TV programming

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Absence of WWE wrestler from the weekly programming – Planeta Wrestling

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In the last program of the red mark you could see a betrayal that many people had been waiting for months. The company sins on several occasions of not ending stories that give us the opportunity to think about something obvious. Let it be the case of Dominik’s possible betrayal with his father. The most … Read more