Gata hosts the Preferential and Autonomous Cups seeking to recover its splendor in basketball – xabiaaldia – The newspaper for xabieros with concerns

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

Reading time: two minutes Gata de Gorgos is preparing, with great zeal, to host the Preferential and Autonomous Basketball Cups. The municipal pavilion will host four competitions that will crown the winning teams of the 2022-2023 season. This week, the Valencian Community Basketball Federation (FBCV) has presented in Gata the celebration of the matches by … Read more

Press: Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea after they paid more than 100 million for his letter and has a preferential destination

Press Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea after they paid more

Lukaku played in the Club World Cup final, but did not participate in the duel for the Champions League against the French Lille Just over six months after joining Chelsea, striker Romelu Lukaku, who cost the club €105m Premier Leagueis ready to leave London once and for all. According to information from the Gazzetta Dello … Read more

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

Preferential treatment for LeBron James

It is not good for the credibility of the league that the aggressor, whatever his name is, is penalized with a different criterion than the attacked. It is a bit obvious when the name of Lebron and the word star, because he’s the face of basketball, but the NBA was too benevolent with number 6 … Read more