Hayden Regal: the precious tribute to this deceased 15-year-old teenager

Hayden Regal the precious tribute to this deceased 15 year old teenager

Seneca Valley Raiders Hayden Regal, 15, was a member of the Seneca Valley Raider soccer team. His death has left many people grieving in Pennsylvania. He was remembered as a special, talented and sweet person. Seneca Valley Raider Nation Football wrote a tribute to Regal on their Facebook page. Here’s how you can help the … Read more

Antonela asked Messi for one of his most precious treasures and shared it on the networks

The family Messi continue to enjoy Paris. Since the arrival of the Rosario star was confirmed to PSG, the inner circle joyfully shares the remarkable present of the best player in the world. Committed to Selection and the French group, La Pulga shines in every presentation. And his wife Antonella Rocuzzo accompanies you in every … Read more