NFL | Antonio Brown, again involved in a harassment scandal and censored for his behavior in a pool

NFL Antonio Brown again involved in a harassment scandal

Anthony Brownreceiver of the NFL who remains a free agent seems not to learn from his mistakes and is once again immersed in the scandal after he sexually harassed a woman in the pool at the Armani Hotel in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The 34-year-old has been without a team since he took … Read more

MLB: Juan Soto ‘shows off’ his vacation in a huge pool (photo)

MLB Juan Soto shows off his vacation in a huge

The month of December is surely one of the most special for people around the world for all the festivities that it brings. The players of the MLB They are among those who most enjoy these dates as they are in the middle of the off season. Such is the case of Juan Soto, who … Read more

In a pool of illusion

In a pool of illusion

The beginning of the game was very favorable to the tenant, who came out to play determined to seal his classification today, with good starts from “Cococho” and Ignacio González opened the first income of 11-4. But the papal got into rhythm and began to hurt, with Charquero, Acosta and Della Mea quickly evened things … Read more

MLB: Photo shows Yankee Stadium as a swimming pool during heavy hurricane rains

Much of the United States has been affected by the constant rains left by Hurricane Ida. The stadiums of the teams of the MLB have also suffered the consequences of this, such as the Yankee Stadium that seemed like a pool so flooded that the facilities and the playing field were. The New York Yankees … Read more

A large three-bedroom residence with a swimming pool, basketball court and huge garden in Pinar Sur is topped without a base

The auctioneer Federico Silveira Abu Arab will auction on Thursday, September 9, an excellent residence located in Pinar Sur. The auction will be judicial, without basis and in pesos, and will be held at the National Association of Auctioneers, Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers, in Uruguay 826, between Andes and Florida, at 2:30 pm. The … Read more

Pressure where? Messi relaxes in the pool while in Paris they clamor for him [VIDEO]

Pressure where Messi relaxes in the pool while in Paris

The football world, and especially in Paris, are waiting for that announcement, which falls out of maturity, which links to Lionel messi with the PSG. But while the Argentine and his representatives wait to close the agreement, the cameras of the English press captured him still at his home on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​enjoying … Read more