They did not want to pose with the Ukrainian flag with the phrase “Stop war” and were booed throughout the stadium

1649161632 They did not want to pose with the Ukrainian flag

It happened in the Zalgiris-Estrella Roja match of the Euroleague. The Serbian team refused to pose with the Ukrainian flag and “Stop War” and are booed by the public. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to generate its effects in the world of sports and this weekend, on the cusp of a basketball game between the … Read more

Lionel Messi will play as a starter for the first time this year at PSG: Pochettino’s phrase that excites fans

Lionel Messi will play as a starter for the first

Lionel Messi will start this Monday at PSG against Nice for the French Cup (REUTERS / Stephane Mahe) Leo Messi he was not summoned to the Argentine team for the current double date of South American Qualifiers with the aim of resuming the rhythm of competitions in the PSG. That is why, once the aftermath … Read more

Simeone’s moving tearful talk with his children in the Cholo documentary: the phrase that moved everyone

Simeones moving tearful talk with his children in the Cholo

Simeone’s talk with his children about when he went to Atlético Madrid No one would have been able to predict that the Diego Simeon It would completely change the history of the Atletico Madrid when he decided to head to Spain at the end of 2011. More than a decade later, his decision was very … Read more

Ginobili: his Hall of Fame nomination, Popovich’s phrase to return to Spurs and more

1640318059 Ginobili his Hall of Fame nomination Popovichs phrase to return

In Argentina to spend the Holidays, Manu Ginobili talked about everything. In dialogue with Just Basketball Magazine, the former San Antonio Spurs player referred to his nomination to the NBA Hall of Fame, his current role in the Texas franchise, how he sees the National Team and more. Here are his best phrases. Look also … Read more

Dak Prescott and the phrase that worries the Dallas Cowboys: ‘I am not playing at the level of my expectations’

Aaron Rodgers will play the remainder of NFL 2021 with

NFL The quarterback delivered a share of concern ahead of Sunday’s game, visiting the New York Giants. For Alfonso Zuniga December 18, 2021 10:27 AM EDT December 18, 2021 10:27 AM EDT © Rob Carr / Getty ImagesDak Prescott facing Washington Football Team It is true that Dallas cowboys It is one of the best … Read more

José Pekerman spoke of the death of Maradona and left a suggestive phrase about the present of the Argentine team

Pekerman won three U-20 World Cups and directed another three of majors (AFP) His name is part of a golden age for youth teams in Argentina. Over time, Jose Nestor Pekerman It was a world reference for football trainers in their minor divisions. Winner of three World Cups and two South American Under 20s, then … Read more

In the previous one of the Balloon of Gold: the lapidary phrase of Messi to the Barça in ‘France Football’


He started a new stage in his life, and although he is finding it difficult to adapt not only to a new team after so many years, but also to a new city and all that that implies, Lionel messi you are sure you have made the right decision when signing for the PSG. The … Read more