“I had sex and then went to the game”: Romario’s intimate confessions about parties, football and politics

I had sex and then went to the game Romarios

Romario wrote an article on The Players Tribune site (Photo: EFE) One of the most famous Brazilian soccer players in history is Romariowho has not only been world champion with Selection but he has also shone in European football and was actively involved in politics when he ended his professional career. His life contains several … Read more

Emanuel Gularte will not reach Nacional: “All parties made efforts”

Emanuel Gularte will not reach Nacional All parties made efforts

Emanuel gularte, one of the footballers who has been in the orbit of National as a possible reinforcement, he ruled out the chance of reaching the tricolor in the current passing period. In dialogue with the program Último Al Arco de Radio Sport 890, the defender who plays for Puebla de México said that “On … Read more

Are the two parties talking? Should fans be concerned? Answering the latest questions about the MLB shutdown

Are the two parties talking Should fans be concerned Answering

The MLB lockout is almost three weeks old and it appears that not much has come out of the negotiations. So what exactly is happening between the owners and the players? Are they closer to a deal? And most importantly: When is the time to worry about the immediate future – if not the long … Read more

‘Argentina must be well off so that Ecuador does not counterattack it. We know how Gustavo Alfaro proposes the parties and he will surely propose ‘| Football | sports

Argentina must be well off so that Ecuador does not

In an opinion article for the newspaper Olé, coach Antonio Mohamed declares that “Ecuador has nothing to lose” in the Copa América. That the Ecuadorian team “has nothing to lose” in the quarterfinal duel of the Copa América 2021 against Argentina, because for the Albicelestes “going to the semifinal is an obligation,” he underlines in … Read more