Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer, paddle tennis, basketball and even a veterinarian to face the post-pandemic

Alto Avellaneda introduces soccer paddle tennis basketball and even a

Thinking about the demand of consumers in the post-pandemic and also with the purpose of attracting a greater number of public to its premises, Alto Avellaneda, one of the IRSA shopping centers with the highest turnover, decided to incorporate a veterinary, movie theaters XD, soccer fields 5, basketball and paddle tennis, among others. The “refresh” … Read more

Buenos Aires Games: classified in rowing, paddle tennis, tennis, beach volleyball and 3×3 basketball | News from Mar del Plata. Puntonoticias.

Buenos Aires Games classified in rowing paddle tennis tennis beach

The local instance was carried out under the organization of EMDER with those registered in the disciplines tennis, paddle tennis, 3 × 3 basketball, beach volleyball and rowing, which brought new classifieds by General Pueyrredon to the stage of the region. In tennis Singles classified Micaela Rocco, Lucas Piquín (Sub 14), Camila Piquín, Ivo Juric … Read more