First stop after overcoming cancer: meeting Altuve

The Houston Texans become the first NFL team to sell

PASADENA, Texas – Liza Valverde will always remember November 9, 2022, as that was the day the Astros fan found out she had beaten uterine cancer. In keeping with her tradition, Valverde was asked if she wanted to ring a bell at the hospital to signal that she had finished her treatment. But she had … Read more

Overcoming story: an autistic boy led his basketball team to victory

1638150916 Overcoming story an autistic boy led his basketball team to

Juan Carlos was decisive in the triumph of his team (Photo: Emilio Rapetti). An autistic boy, who had never played as an attacker, managed to lead his basketball team to victory after scoring the necessary points to win a mini tournament of that discipline in Santiago del Estero, according to his coach and his mother. … Read more

Aaron Rodgers confirmed by Green Bay Packers for Week 11 of NFL 2021 after overcoming a foot injury

NFL Wisconsin’s coach Matt LaFleur provided an update on his quarterback’s status ahead of the Minnesota Vikings pitch. By Alfonso Zuniga November 20, 2021 09:42 AM EDT November 20, 2021 09:42 AM EDT © Stacy Revere / Getty ImagesAaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback During this week, one of the biggest doubts I had Green … Read more

From the Tablada neighborhood, Candela Díaz stands out in basketball and is an example of overcoming


Through the “Movete playing basketball” project carried out by the Municipality of Rosario, through the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, girls and boys between 8 and 13 years old approach the activity in the Parque del Mercado sports centers; July 9th; Parque Oeste and Parque Yrigoyen. Candela Díaz lives with her family in the southern … Read more