David Ortiz warns NY: ‘Yankees, be careful with your new Papi in the Playoffs’

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

After announcing his retirement from baseball, David Ortiz made clear his love for the “King of Sports”, as he is still linked to the ball but now as an analyst on the television network Fox Sports. Price at start of American League Championship Series (ALCS) between the yankees and the stars“big daddy” issued a warning … Read more

Fernando Ortiz responded to Chicote “Unreal to say that Chivas is bigger”

MLB Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final

Facing the National Classic, “Chicote” Calderón pointed out that Chivas is bigger for playing with Mexican cigars. These arguments were disrupted by the Argentine helmsman. For the technician America, Ferdinand Ortizthe arguments it gives Christian Calderon to point to Chivas as the biggest team in Mexico they are “unreal”, because he considered that the azulcrema … Read more

Ortiz and Oliva with their expected moment in Cooperstown

Kyler Murray Receives Contract Extension Ahead of 2022 NFL Season

COOPERSTOWN, New York – During this weekend’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony—scheduled for Sunday afternoon at the Clark Sports Center in this small town in upstate New York—**David Ortiz** is surrounded by family, friends, fans and many former Boston Red Sox teammates. Of course, in the case of fellow Dominican Pedro Martinez, the former star … Read more

Video: The moment in which Bad Bunny ‘breaks’ it by calling David Ortiz emergent in the MLB Celebrity Game

Video The moment in which Bad Bunny breaks it by

bad bunny took the night in Celebrity Softball Game of the MLB. But not so much because of his performances but because he surprised the call David Ortiz to bat. Puerto Rican singer first surprised with Vladimir Guerrero Sr. but the ‘Latin power’ was enlarged when ‘big daddy’ entered the field of play at Dodger … Read more

David Ortiz surrendered to Stephen Curry for his title with the Golden State Warriors

David Ortiz surrendered to Stephen Curry for his title with

David Ortiz will be the fourth Dominican in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Photo: Omar Rawlings/Getty Images David Ortiz is recognized for his memorable career in the baseball of the Big leagues with the Boston Red Sox and all this led him to become a new member of the Hall of Fame of this sport. … Read more

David Ortiz visits the Hall of Fame prior to induction

Reds with their worst start in history India goes to

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — “Daddy! Daddy!” With chants echoing through the Plaque Gallery as he entered, David Ortiz felt right at home inside the Hall of Fame. 2 Related The dreams of his youth growing up in the Dominican Republic came full circle on Monday at the end of the tour to prepare for his induction … Read more

David Ortiz reveals the toughest pitchers he faced in his career

David Ortiz reveals the toughest pitchers he faced in his

The ‘Big Papi’ had tough battles with a compatriot and a couple of former Yankees pitchers During alternate transmission of ESPN ‘KAY ROD Cast’ Sunday, David Ortiz revealed some of the toughest pitchers he’s faced in his Major League career. “When I played Peter (Martinez)…Peter was difficult. And you know what I mean,” Ortiz replied … Read more

America: Fernando Ortiz assures that he found a group emotionally damaged after the departure of Santiago Solari

America Fernando Ortiz assures that he found a group emotionally

Fernando Ortiz has managed to raise the spirits of the América players to pick up the bad tournament they had with Solari. Ferdinand Ortiz came to the helm of America on March 4 to fill the place left vacant Santiago Solariat that time, the eagles added only 6 points and were one of the defenses … Read more

Sources: Fernando Ortiz gains ground to stay as coach of America

Sources Fernando Ortiz gains ground to stay as coach of

The directive of the Eagles considers the possibility of definitively ratifying ‘Tano’ in his position MEXICO — America Live a sweet moment hand in hand with Ferdinand Ortizwho has recovered the positive results for the American team and has him installed in the fight for the playoff of Mexican soccer, after three consecutive victories against … Read more

Fernando Ortiz, against the tradition of America of not betting on the permanence of interim technicians

Fernando Ortiz against the tradition of America of not betting

Characters such as Gonzalo Farfán, ‘Cabezón’ Luna and Aguado have passed through the position, without obtaining the opportunity to remain permanently, something that ‘Tano’ is excited to achieve Ferdinand Ortiz has landed on the right foot as coach of the America, after adding seven points out of 12 disputed and has the capital team back … Read more