Wasps took away the Oriental Classic, Crocodiles SWEPT. Summary Series 61

Wasps took away the Oriental Classic Crocodiles SWEPT Summary Series

By Robiel Vega/ @robielcuba87 The day of Thursday, February 10 in the National Series 61 was starred by the double victory from Santiago against Villa Clara, the sweep from Matanzas in Holguin’s Calixto García and the tremendous grout delivered by the pitching from Pinar del Río to the Leñadores; while the Indians delighted their fans … Read more

Not even at Christmas does the bad news stop: a well-known former oriental pitcher died

Not even at Christmas does the bad news stop a

By Yasel Porto 2021 full of satisfying and painful moments in Cuban baseball. In this last aspect, logically, the death of many prominent or well-known figures linked at some point with the national sport of the Island, acquires the fundamental role in the negative of the year that is almost gone. It seemed that December … Read more