Ginobili was present at the tremendous victory of the San Antonio Spurs

1647880588 Ginobili was present at the tremendous victory of the San

Emanuel Ginobili He lives a quiet life after his retirement, but he is permanently close to basketball. In fact, in the second half of 2021 he rejoined the San Antonio Spurs. This time, of course, from the board: He is the special advisor for basketball operations of the Texan franchise. And this Sunday he was … Read more

Tension between the United States and Russia over the arrest of an athlete

1647027799 Tension between the United States and Russia over the arrest

Tension increases in the United States and Russia, while diplomatic relations between the two countries are almost nil. In this context, the least favored is being Brittney Grinerwho was arrested on Russian soil a month ago for carrying cannabis oil with her when trying to board a flight in Moscow. From the US government they … Read more

Bolmaro plays and wins two games on the same day (and for two different leagues)

1646486114 Bolmaro plays and wins two games on the same day

Any phrase could be applicable. Thank God is friday. It’s Friday and your body knows it. And the signatures continue. For Leandro Bolmaro, any of them will have liked him. The last working day of the week surprised the Cordovan from Las Varillas in the best way, with a official double shift which, if it … Read more

Colombia team: to strengthen Argentina and perform at home

If in the previous dates all the outside results played in favor of Colombia, this time the other markers of the day complicated Reinaldo Rueda’s team’s options to reach the Qatar World Cup 2022. We invite you to read: (James Rodríguez would have been made to cancel dinners in Brazil) Ecuador’s victory against Venezuela (1-0) … Read more

What the VAR said in the controversial hand of Brazil that was not sanctioned


One of the controversial plays of the match between the Colombia selection and Brazil it was a hand in the area that Colombia protested as a penalty but that the central judge Patrick Loustau it did not consider and neither did the VAR. (You may be interested in: Germany: first team to qualify for Qatar … Read more

The most spectacular stadium in the NBA, underway: what the new Intuit Dome of the Los Angeles Clippers will look like

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Design meetings have been going on for years. Technology has evolved throughout the process. Meticulous decisions were made time and time again including on questions like what it would mean to have a 2.5 or 3 centimeter difference in legroom between the rows of seats or where in the seat the cup holder should be … Read more

The 2021 season of the NFL begins, with controversy over vaccines and Tom Brady in the opening game

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Tonight, when the match between the Argentine National Team and Bolivia for the South American Qualifiers is being played at the Monumental, in the United States and much of the world the attention will be on the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, with the start of the 2022 NFL season and the initial kick … Read more

The basketball team already has the successor of ‘Oveja’ Hernández on the bench: Néstor ‘el Che’ García will be the coach

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Some days ago it was officially over the cycle of Sergio Hernandez on the Argentine basketball team. There were six high-flying seasons, with a team that was always the protagonist and that, in the hours that were presumed darkest after leaving the staff of the Golden Generation, ended up achieving one of the greatest achievements … Read more