And now that? What comes for the Colombian National Team after the friendlies

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

The Colombian National Team completed its double FIFA date with victories by 4-1 against Guatemala and 3-2 against Mexico. Ideal performance but not exempt from controversy. The coach Néstor Lorenzo made his bets on several of the veterans, the World Cup players who for him have an essential contribution, but he had the touch to … Read more

Patricio Garino: the Olympian who got angry with basketball and now wants to meet his best version again

Patricio Garino the Olympian who got angry with basketball and

At the end of 2019, life was smiling at Patrick Garino. Enjoyed a good present in the baskonia Spanish and the memory of the great individual and collective performance with the Argentine team in the China World Cup, where the silver medal was hung. But on November 22, during a Euroleague game with his team, … Read more

Che García, the new coach of the basketball team: ‘I’m only now beginning to believe that I deserved it’

lazy square

Nestor Garcia He grabbed his phone, saw the caller’s name on the screen, and answered. -I need to talk with you. -I tell you yes. “I knew it was for that,” he says Che, who during the 40 minute interview with Clarion he will not be able (nor will he; why do it, after all) … Read more

Antonella Ruiz Díaz, the fitness teacher who was a base in basketball and is now a Paralympic medalist

Gustavo Briozzo realized right away that that girl who was biting the ball of basketball it was a diamond in the rough. He played grassroots while studying Physical Education teachers in Gualeguay, 80 kilometers from his native Gualeguaychú. But he saw him pasta for another sport. He recorded it and sent the video to Javier … Read more