Dave Meltzer Ratings Nov. 18-30: STARDOM X NJPW Historic X-Over, AEW Dynamite, WWE RAW & More

Dave Meltzer Ratings Nov 18 30 STARDOM X NJPW Historic X Over

In this note you will know the Dave Meltzer qualifications in the main wrestling shows that took place from November 18 to 30. From the weekend of November 18 to the 30 of the same month, various important wrestling shows have been held. The most prominent were the weekly WWE and AEW shows. Recently, the … Read more

LVBP: Results of yesterday 23 Nov in the LVBP 2022-2023

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The LVBP season 2022-2023 It is in its sixth week and on Wednesday, November 23, the second day of it was played with four exciting matches. Cardenales de Lara remains firm in the first place of the table. With full houses in Macuto and Caracas, this is how a new day was played in the … Read more

LVBP: See the results of yesterday 22 Nov in the LVBP 2022-2023

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The 2022-2023 season of the LVBP completed a month of action tuesday november 22 and was celebrated with the start of the sixth week that came with four exciting games. Among the most exciting things from last Tuesday is that Cardenales de Lara beat Leones de Caracas at the Universitario and they remain solid in … Read more

Venezuelan baseball results this Nov 25: Lions and Caribs cut negative streak

Venezuelan baseball results this Nov 25 Lions and Caribs cut

Drafting Meridiano After another resounding day, the fight for the Round Robin positions it keeps getting complicated with him rebirth of capitals and orientals, and the good run of the aragüeños, giving excitement to the campaign, where classifieds remain in question a month after the end of the regular season without any clear favorites. Leones … Read more

Results of the Venezuelan baseball this Nov 17: Navegantes del Magallanes at the top

The sailors of the Magallanes at the top, the ship beat the Bravos de Margarita team at home, a meeting where the sailors added 11 runs in the first inning with a festival of hits. The match ended 13 by 6. This would be the team’s fifth consecutive victory. TOTAL DOMAIN! ð ???? ± What … Read more