Rangers live a nightmare in their palace

Rangers live a nightmare in their palace

ARLINGTON – The Rangers are living the dream at the most luxurious, new and impressive ballpark in Major League Baseball. But on the field they have suffered a nightmare since the 2020 season opened. And it has little to do with the pandemic; rather, with the poor level of play, management and talent in each … Read more

MLB: American League team that has disrespected the Mets and Yankees; they are a nightmare

MLB American League team that has disrespected the Mets and

So much New York Yankeeslike your neighbors Mets, are leaders in their respective divisions in the American and National Leagues. Both Big Apple-based teams are serious playoff contenders, especially the Bombers, who look unstoppable with the best record in the entire league (56-20). Although both New York ninths have played a great baseball both at … Read more

PSG: the summer nightmare returns

PSG the summer nightmare returns

One of the summer classics is back. Like the photographs of the thermometers in the squares of Andalusia marking more than 40 degrees, the recommendations to go for the shade and hydrate or the airport collapses, Paris Saint-Germain also returns to the summer of Barcelona. For a long time there hasn’t been a summer in … Read more

Salah does not wake up from his nightmare against Real Madrid

Salah does not wake up from his nightmare against Real

ANDn the 2018 Champions League final, Real Madrid defeated Liverpool (3-1) in a final marked by Bale’s brace, Karius’ errors and Salah’s injury. Sergio Ramos grabbed the Egyptian, who fell to the ground hurting his shoulder and was replaced, in tears, after half an hour. An action and a defeat that four years later ‘Mo’ … Read more

The nightmare of the Lakers and LeBron James in the NBA

1649176269 The nightmare of the Lakers and LeBron James in the

Los Angeles Lakers are having a nightmare season in the NBA. The most winning franchise in history along with Boston (17 consecrations) presents a record of 31 wins and 47 lossesa record that currently places him in 11th place in the Western Conference, out until the playoff playoffs with four games remaining. A) Yes, it … Read more

Paul George’s nightmare in the bubble | long live basketball

Paul Georges nightmare in the bubble long live basketball

Paul George is waiting to return to play for the Clippers after battling an elbow injury, but while that time comes, the Clippers star took time to visit his former teammate Serge Ibaka, who premiered the fourth season of his program “How hungry are you”, where his guests share some things about their lives and … Read more

Nightmare Before Christmas

1640208491 Nightmare Before Christmas

And with João Félix either. And that it took a minute and 39 seconds for the Portuguese to hit the grass. One minute and thirty-nine seconds it took João Félix to show Simeone why he should start. Beyond the words, the agents, the millions. Talent needs no frills, only minutes. And one minute and 39 … Read more

The nightmare that almost made Karl-Anthony Towns retire


Si there is a player in the NBA what has been truly hit by covid-19, that’s without a doubt the star of the Timberwolves, Karl-Anthony Towns. The Minnesota player lost his mother, his uncle and five other family members to the coronavirus and even He himself suffered it in his own flesh during the past … Read more

MLB: What will happen to the San Diego Padres after the ‘nightmare’ of 2021?


San Diego Padres is showing a vastly different face than what was expected of him in the Season 2021 from MLB after the great performances that its elements left a year ago. With what appear to be internal conflicts and sporting problems, the ‘Frailes’ leave room for questioning what will happen to them in the … Read more

Elimination process, a nightmare for Tri players; average of eleven reach the World Cup

In the last five starts of the World Cup qualifying round, an average of eleven players called up reach the fair The Mexican National Team begins a new World Cup process this Thursday, an instance that has become a nightmare for the Tri players, especially for those who start the road to the World Cup … Read more