Overmars case: the affected women uncover their nickname

Overmars case the affected women uncover their nickname

The Netherlands and football in general are shocked by the drift that the Overmars Case is taking. On Sunday, the scandal of the alleged sexual harassment of the general director of Ajax to colleagues within the club’s work came to light. Little by little, more intimate details of these events are becoming known. Several affected … Read more

MLB Playoffs: How Pujols Earned The Nickname ‘Uncle Albert’ At The Dodgers

There is no doubt that although the Dominican Albert Pujols is no longer the same superstar and feared player of yesteryear, his presence in the dugout of the Los Angeles Dodgers It is very important from the mental and chemistry point of view of the team, due to all the intangibles that it provides, from … Read more

Why do you accentuate the nickname of Enrique “Kike” Hernández in the United States?

In Puerto Rico and in many Spanish-speaking countries, it is very common for people who bear the name Enrique to be given the nickname “Quique” or “Kike”. However, in the United States the writing of “Kike” with two “k” has another meaning that led to the nickname of the center fielder of the Boston Red … Read more