Triple somersault without net of Madrid

Ancelotti took to roasting the butter

‘Hat trick’ of Spanish football. The Women’s National Team won 0-2 in Scotland and entered its third consecutive World Cup; Villarreal got into the semifinals of the Champions League leaving Bayern out after a tremendous tie, from power to power, resolved at the last moment; and Madrid made it even more difficult, first squandering the … Read more

Reasons the Padres didn’t sign a net closer

Reasons the Padres didnt sign a net closer

The San Diego Padres did not sign any elite closers after Mark Melancon left the MLB. A team like San Diego Padres who aspires to achieve everything in the 2022 season of the MLBdid not sign any closer luxury for the last entry. However, there are reasons you can consider. Relievers Daniel Hudson (Dodgers) and … Read more

An Israeli startup announced the launch of the first antimicrobial basketball net

Agency AJN.- The Innovation Centers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben Gurion University of the Negev won two of the world’s most prestigious awards for entrepreneurship in higher education. ASPER-HUJI Innovate, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Hebrew University, received the “Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center” award. The recognition was announced during … Read more