NFL: Tom Brady receives a nasty joke from who was said to be his friend; he lives his worst personal and professional moment

NFL Tom Brady receives a nasty joke from who was

For weeks, the former receiver Anthony Brown has used his social networks to leave ridicule and uncomfortable images against Tom Brady, quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneersin clear reference to the current personal situation of the passer with Giselle Bündchenand this time he took it to a new level, as he opened a website to … Read more

MLB: The ‘nasty’ pitching that Ohtani added to his arsenal and nobody had noticed

Colombia 0 0 Mexico asi fue la segunda salida en el

shōhei ohtani he was already 10-7 with a 2.68 ERA and 157 strikeouts, and that’s just what his half-pitcher was doing, when added a new weapon to your arsenal. In the midst of a race for MVPOhtani began throwing a new release. Ohtani had thrown only a four-seam fastball since he joined the Majors; he … Read more

MLB: Orioles appoints expert Dominican pitcher for assignment ‘nasty’ changes

On the afternoon of this Friday, August 20, it was announced that Baltimore Orioles have decided to designate for assignment the Dominican César Valdez. The veteran pitcher is characterized by throwing dangerous changes that make his opponents look bad. Valdez was in his second stage as a player for the MLB. Baltimore Orioles reported this … Read more

Shohei Ohtani has the most ‘nasty’ and unhittable pitching of all in MLB

Shohei Ohtani has the most nasty and unhittable pitching of

The Japanese Shohei Ohtani without any has been the real star of this season of MLB, finally hitting and pitching at a level that had never been seen before and was even believed to be possible: He leads all major league home runs with 39 homers., in addition to having a very good 2.93 ERA … Read more