Cristiano would have requested an emergency meeting with Mendes; Leave ManU?

Cristiano would have requested an emergency meeting with Mendes Leave

Editorial Mediotiempo Manchester, England / 09.01.2022 16:47:20 The second stage of Cristiano Ronaldo with the Manchester United could be very close to ending, and that is they report that he lusitano asked for an emergency meeting with your agent Jorge Mendes, well in appearance his tenure in the Premier League could be conditioned. It’s known … Read more

The Cristiano case heats up: Mendes arrives and there is an offer from City

The very long soap opera on the future of Cristiano has entered its decisive phase. In these hours, as reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, his agent Jorge Mendes has arrived in Turin to seek a solution to his case with the Portuguese. The player, as AS has been reporting since March, wants to leave … Read more

Jorge Mendes closes the pipe to Real Madrid: revenge for Florentino’s audios

1626671368 Jorge Mendes closes the pipe to Real Madrid revenge for

Florentino Pérez was the protagonist of the week in the world of sports news. Not for some ‘galactic’ signing that has closed for him Real Madrid, but for the publication of some audios in which he mercilessly criticizes former players, former coaches and friends of the Spanish club. Among them is nothing less than Jorge … Read more

Gattuso’s farewell to Fiorentina: commissions, Jorge Mendes signings, insults …

Gattusos farewell to Fiorentina commissions Jorge Mendes signings insults

Gennaro Gattuso lasted 25 days at FiorentinaOn May 25, the ‘viola’ team announced their hiring as coach for the next two seasons. However, discrepancies with ownership and Jorge Mendes’ role in the discussions have broken the link just a month after signing it. The Calabrian coach left the Naples after finishing the season after De … Read more