Controversy over the ideal team of 2022 made by a French medium: he only chose Lionel Messi from Argentina

Controversy over the ideal team of 2022 made by a

Lionel Messi, the only Argentine in the ideal team of the newspaper L’Equipe. (REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach) Once the Cup FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022which consecrated the national team as champion Argentinathe prestigious sports newspaper L’Equipe published his traditional selection of the ideal team of the year. What is striking is that, despite the consecration Albiceleste in … Read more

Video: Argentina’s victory against Croatia was celebrated in the middle of a basketball game in Serbia

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Due to the geopolitical dispute that they have had for years, the typical chant to bankroll the Albiceleste Selection was introduced during a match in Belgrade, for the Euroleague. In the midst of all the criticism that the Argentine National Team received, even with some sectors exaggerating that the whole world was against the national … Read more