Wait, were tiebreaker games eliminated in MLB? Here’s what the rule change means for this season

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There have been 12 single-game tiebreakers in MLB history. Each of them brought the nerves and anticipation of a playoff matchup, even though they were played as regular-season games, but Game No. 163 is now a thing of the past. With the launch of an expanded playoff format in October, MLB decided there was no … Read more

When does a rebuild fail? Inside the Detroit Tigers mess and what it means for his team

Classic Tapatio Chivas sends Mozo and Chicote to the bench

When do you know your rebuild didn’t work? For former Tigers general manager Al Avila, the answer came last Wednesday, when Detroit announced his firing, ending his 22-year career working for the franchise in various roles. The news was not surprising, given the circumstances. Last season, after a four-year stretch in which Detroit lost nearly … Read more

Five Real Madrid players already know what it means to score in a Champions League final

Five Real Madrid players already know what it means to

In the modern era, only Raúl González and Bale managed to score in two finals Gareth Bale, Marcelo, Casemiro, Marco Asensio and Karim Benzema are the five players from the current Real Madrid squad who have managed to score a goal in a La Liga final Champions Leagueappointments in which legends like Alfredo di Stefano … Read more

What The Pick Of Ken Walker III Means For Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks Backfield

What The Pick Of Ken Walker III Means For Chris

RENTON, Wash. — For a team that often skips conventions in the NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks were relatively easy this year. They attacked their most obvious needs early and often (apart from the quarterback, where the options let them down). They took just one trade (but tried to make more), the fewest since 2015. … Read more

The impact of Bueckers’ injury on UConn and what it means for March

1639022307 The impact of Bueckers injury on UConn and what it

UConn sophomore star, Paige Bueckers, has suffered a tibial plateau fracture in his left knee and is expected to be out for six to eight weeks, the Huskies announced Tuesday. How does the injury – which occurred Sunday on an out-of-contact play with less than a minute to play in a 73-54 win over Notre … Read more

Red Sox: David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz reveals what being Dominican means to him

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Like every September the Major League Baseball (MLB) is celebrating the ‘Heritage Month’, that is to say ‘Hispanic Heritage Month’, in which having roots or being of Latino nationalities is precisely commemorated. In recent days there have been various capsules in which Latino players talk about this issue and one of them is dand David … Read more