MLB: Dominican fans yell ‘deer’ at Marcell Ozuna in the LIDOM final

MLB Dominican fans yell deer at Marcell Ozuna in the

The LIDOM Final Series is red hot between the Eastern Stars and the Cibao Giants, after the latter won Game 3 and took a 2-1 lead against those from San Pedro de Macorís, where Atlanta Braves slugger in MLB, Marcell Ozuna, is having a great series, where he has already hit two home runs and … Read more

LIDOM: Pitcher challenges Marcell Ozuna with ‘perreo’ in his style, with selfie (video)

LIDOM Pitcher challenges Marcell Ozuna with perreo in his style

The rivalries between players get bigger and bigger as the days of the Playoffs of the Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic progress (LIDOM). Now he was the pitcher Yunesky Maya who ‘challenged’ Marcell Ozuna tol time to master it as he celebrated his achievement with a ‘perreo‘in the style of the baseball player … Read more

LIDOM: Marcell Ozuna close to joining Gigantes del Cibao

The outfielder was included in the weekly roster of the San Francisco team, indicating that he will be acting at some point this week Dominican players from Big leagues they continue to join their squads in winter baseball. As confirmed by the Giants of the Cibao, the gardener Marcell ozuna has been incorporated into the … Read more

Source: MLB extends license to Marcell Ozuna

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The Atlanta Braves outfielder’s administrative license, Marcell ozuna, has been extended through September 24, an MLB source confirmed to ESPN. Ozuna currently participates in a diversion program that he entered as a pre-trial resolution on September 9, more than three months after being arrested on assault charges for allegedly assaulting his wife. He faces misdemeanors … Read more

Marcell Ozuna is not free of charges and suspension could come for next season

marcell ozuna agresion esposa noticias bravos atlanta mlb

The Dominican gardener Marcell ozuna is not free of judicial charges yet, including the suspension by the MLB It could come by the season 2022. Ozuna, who for days said that he is in love and peace with his beloved wife, clarifying that the officers made things more serious than it was, that it was … Read more

MLB: Saved! Marcell Ozuna’s charges for abuse and domestic violence drop

MLB Saved Marcell Ozunas charges for abuse and domestic violence

The race of Marcell ozuna as a player of MLB is slowed down because a few weeks ago it was accused of having committed assault and domestic violence against his wife Génesis. However, in recent hours it has become known that things would change their course a bit and that the charges for Ozuna would … Read more