Letter from Commissioner Manfred on the future of the game

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

The 2022 Major League Baseball season will be remembered forever. Traveling across the country and attending games throughout the season, I’ve seen our parks bursting with excitement and players demonstrating the magic of baseball. We have witnessed incredible feats, such as those of Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, the drumming of Yadier … Read more

Manfred doesn’t rule out relocation of Rays and A’s

Se pusieron Bravos los campeones y hacen mucho ruido

NEW YORK — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland Athletics need to reach new stadium deals soon and left open the strong possibility of considering relocation if they don’t. “There is urgency about Tampa,” Manfred said Thursday during a news conference after an owners meeting. “There has to be a … Read more

Manfred gives away headphones to gamers due to lockdown

Manfred gives away headphones to gamers due to lockdown

NEW YORK — Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred gifted team players with Bose headphones on Opening Day as a peace offering after a bitter 99-day lockout delayed the start of the season. LaLiga, Liga MX, Bundesliga, MLS, MLB, UFC, Boxing and thousands of live events, exclusive original series and much more, all in HD. … Read more

CC Sabathia will work with Rob Manfred in the MLB office

CC Sabathia will work with Rob Manfred in the MLB scaled

Former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was named Wednesday as Special Assistant to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. CC Sabathia, who played 19 seasons in the Big leagueswill continue to be linked to baseball and will work directly in the office of the Commissioner Rob Manfredwhere it will help you increase diversity and make an … Read more

LAST MINUTE: Bad news for MLB 2022, Commissioner Manfred announced

LAST MINUTE Bad news for MLB 2022 Commissioner Manfred announced

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi) As if the evil were not enough, another discouraging news for baseball lovers has been released today. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, MLB cancels spring training games for another week. The lockout has been going on for four months and things get worse every day among those involved (MLB and … Read more

MLB: Ban the shift, pitch clock and the changes that Manfred wants yes or yes

MLB Ban the shift pitch clock and the changes that

The truth is that we are on truly critical ground MLBwith the cancellation of the first two regular season series announced by Commissioner Rob Manfred in complicity with the owners of the teams, coupled with there are no new negotiations at the door with the MLBPAwhich gives us to understand that this work stoppage goes … Read more

“If there is no season, it is the disaster of Manfred and the owners”: ESPN columnist

If there is no season it is the disaster of

The negotiations between the owners of MLB and the MLBPA in search of a new joint labor contract to be able to start the 2022 season have not been as everyone expected, and as Commissioner Rob Manfred’s self-imposed deadline arrivesit is almost likely that we will experience a shortened second season in the last three … Read more

MLB: Commissioner Rob Manfred finally makes an appearance in negotiations

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred finally makes an appearance in negotiations

Negotiations between the MLBPA and the owners of the baseball teams MLB have gained intensity this week before the threat of the commissioner Rob Manfred that if no agreement was reached on a new employment contract by February 28Or, the regular season would officially be delayed, with fewer than 162 games being played. The truth … Read more

Rob Manfred and his flirtation with controversy

Rob Manfred and his flirtation with controversy

Harold Capote Fernandez The ninth commissioner of the best baseball in the world was born on September 28, 1958 in Rome, New York. He is a lawyer and business leader, along with his wife, Colleen, he has four children: Megan, Michael, Jane and Mary Claire. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer of some companies, … Read more

Rob Manfred singled out for the official delay of Spring Training

Rob Manfred singled out for the official delay of Spring

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on Saturday promised real progress in the latest round of CBA negotiations. Instead, the meeting brought with it more frustration. Yet on Saturday we are just inches closer to a new CBA deal, while each passing day brings up the unfortunate reality that real, professional baseball is nowhere near happening on … Read more