Machete Maldonado assures that Zack Greinke has a friendly side, although few know them like that

Houston. He’s not the most talkative player on the Astros, at least outside of the clubhouse. His responses to the press are terse, and his appearances to conferences before or after a game seem more like a difficult affair for the Houston starting pitcher to swallow. Zack greinke, who however within the ‘clubhouse’ has one … Read more

Christian Vázquez and Machete Maldonado enter an exclusive group among Puerto Rican receivers

Houston. The catchers match in this American League Championship Series between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox It does not represent the first time that two Puerto Rican receivers have met in a major league playoff series. Martín “Machete” Maldonado, by the Astros, and Christian vazquez, for the Red Sox, are the starting … Read more

Machete Maldonado: “I am who I am” thanks to Naguabo


In January 2018, months after the passage of Hurricane Maria when many still did not have electricity, water or simply a roof in their home, Martin ‘Machete’ Maldonado decided to take on the task of holding a softball game that he organized with his fellow countryman and friend, Edwin ‘Sugar’ Diaz, a native of the … Read more