MLB: The Yankees ignore this Venezuelan rookie after his strong start in the MLB

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Frederlin Castro The New York Yankees have been inconsistent in their strategy with the rookie shortstop Oswald Peraza after uploading it in early September. Peraza has played in seven games, hitting 21 totals, averaging .238 with a 36% on-base percentage, including five hits and three walks, with four strikeouts. Peraza has looked like a veteran … Read more

MLB: The Mets do somersaults to relocate Eduardo Escobar and Luis Guillorme

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Frederlin Castro When you consider how valuable Guillorme was to the Mets before he landed on the disabled list and that the types of hitting he throws are emblematic of how the Mets’ offense works when it’s at its best, it seems clear that Guillorme will once again be a mainstay of the lineup. And … Read more