MLB: Who would the Cardinals BD be if there is a universal DH?

MLB Who would the Cardinals BD be if there is

In other potential areas for improvement, the main office of the St. Louis Cardinals could seek offensive help externally if the designated hitter makes it to the NL in the next collective bargaining agreement. As things are currently, Juan Yépez and Lars Nootbaar could be the game-time favorites of designated hitters among insider options, at … Read more

MLB: The big adjustment a Cardinals prospect made to his batting to debut in GL

During the COVID-19-induced shutdown in 2020, the young Lars Nootbaar worked with his old friend John Soteropulos. Nootbaar feels the work done helped him hit .308 / .404 / .496 in 35 Triple-A games and allowed him to spend as much time as he did in the majors, including landing on the Los Angeles roster. … Read more