MLB News: Aroldis Chapman turned down juicy offer from Nationwide West contender to sign with Royals

MLB News Aroldis Chapman turned down juicy offer from Nationwide

Aroldis Chapman got a new team to play with for the 2023 Major League Baseball Season (MLB). The ex New York Yankees agreed a contract with the Kansas City Royals since free agency. However, the Cuban rejected an offer most ‘juicy’ of one of the main teams in the West Division of the National League. … Read more

MLB: They reveal the ‘juicy’ contract that Dodgers would be offering Freddie Freeman

MLB They reveal the juicy contract that Dodgers would be

The disputes in the free agency market are becoming more intense and one of the teams that has been looking for is Freddie Freeman. According to various media, Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the organizations most interested in signing it and even the type of contract they would have offered him was revealed to … Read more

MLB’s juicy postseason proposal

MLBs juicy postseason proposal

Negotiations for the season 2022 of the Major League Baseball – MLB are taking place and among those issues is the possibility of having some Extended playoffs and certain new things that are not yet defined. The MLB office has as a proposal to play some expanded Playoffs, being 14 teams and this is undoubtedly … Read more