Cubadebate fires sports journalist who criticized baseball commissioner

The Houston Texans become the first NFL team to sell

The official media Cubadebate canceled the contract of sports journalist Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta, one of the reporters who had criticized the national baseball commissioner, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, for lying on national television. “I want to tell the readers who have asked me that I will no longer collaborate with Cubadebate because my contract … Read more

Trevor Bauer sues The Athletic and a journalist for defamation

Trevor Bauer sues The Athletic and a journalist for defamation

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer filed a lawsuit against The Athletic portal and Major League Baseball – MLB journalist Molly Knight, controversial as usual Trevor Bauer made it clear that he filed a formal lawsuit in court against the renowned sports portal The Athletic and against Molly Knightwho was a writer of this medium … Read more

Costa Rican journalist puts “Chepe Bomba” in his place, the Panamanian who wanted to humiliate Honduras

Costa Rican journalist puts Chepe Bomba in his place the

2022-03-25 The preview of the Panama-Honduras raised a lot of curiosity, since the canaleros won the three points in the bag due to the difficult situation that the Bicolor squad is experiencing in the Concacaf Octagonal. One of the most confident was José Miguel Domínguez, better known as “Chepe Bomba”. The communicator assured that Thomas … Read more

‘Players are willing to risk everything, including the MLB season’: ESPN Journalist

Players are willing to risk everything including the MLB season

the season of MLB is in question after the decision of the owners and the commissioner Rob Manfred’s Cancel at least the first two regular season series, with the Opening Day agreed for March 31 being history. Now, we’ll see the owners and the MLBPA in a contest over who is most committed to their … Read more

After crossing the border and settling in the United States, he joined Swing Complete, renowned journalist

After crossing the border and settling in the United States

By Yasel Porto The reopening of borders on November 15, together with the new options to reach certain destinations on the continent, has caused the emigration of Cubans to grow considerably in recent months. Trying to improve his economy and that of his family has unleashed a new migratory wave in which the different components … Read more

MLB: Famous journalist predicts that Andrew Jones’s son will be in the Top 10 of the 2022 Draft

MLB Famous journalist predicts that Andrew Joness son will be

Speaking of tall draft picks, the top of the draft class of 2022 appears to be full of position players, with popular journalist Jim Callis of MLB Pipeline predicting that “at least eight batters will be in the first 10 picks”. This appears to be due to both a lack of outstanding college pitching, and … Read more

Journalist fired by MLB Network blames commissioner Manfred for ‘jeopardizing’ season

Journalist fired by MLB Network blames commissioner Manfred for jeopardizing

At the beginning of the year, it was announced that the prominent journalist from The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal, had been censored and fired from his position as a correspondent in the chain MLB Network for criticizing Commissioner Rob Manfred, and his handling of the crisis that occurred in 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 … Read more

MLB: Journalist advocates ‘abolishing’ Hall of Fame voting

MLB Journalist advocates abolishing Hall of Fame voting

The controversy surrounding to the current Hall of Fame vote has certainly made everyone in MLB, from journalists, players and fans wonder about the legitimacy of the elections that are held each year, since there is no unified criterion, there are discrepancies between opinions and that causes annoyance and controversy every year, but recently the … Read more