How is Michael Jordan’s luxurious mansion in Chicago and why can’t he sell it even though he lowered its price by half

How is Michael Jordans luxurious mansion in Chicago and why

The luxurious home built by one of the best players in NBA history with 9 rooms, a basketball court, a swimming pool, a golf course and outbuildings (Photo: Concierge Auctions) The luxurious mansion Michael Jordanone of the best basketball players in the history of the NBA, has in Highland Park, north of Chicago, It has … Read more

Michael Jordan’s claim to Karl-Anthony Towns

Michael Jordans claim to Karl Anthony Towns

“I remember what you did to my team! I saw what you did to my team! FUCK…!” the weekend of Stars game of the NBA It was full of fun and exciting moments, as well as others that left a lot to be desired (we’re talking about you, dunk competition). The most iconic moment was, … Read more

Michael Jordan’s mansion that no one has wanted to buy in 10 years

1645677094 Michael Jordans mansion that no one has wanted to buy

Michael Jordan is considered a basketball legend for his performance in the American team ‘The Bulls’. With his retirement from the courts, the player left Chicago and also a mansion that has not been sold for 10 years. To this day, the mansion has gone through several price changes and there have been people interested … Read more

Jordan’s luxurious yacht that he keeps on $ 800,000 a week

Jordans luxurious yacht that he keeps on 800000 a

Michael Jordan is a legend of the NBA and one of the athletes with one of the largest fortunes in the world, since it is estimated that the former Chicago Bulls player have a heritage net of 1.6 billion dollars, where a luxurious I already that he keeps with 800 thousand dollars a week! The … Read more

The shocking photos of Michael Jordan’s yacht: basketball court and 80 million dollars

1638883225 The shocking photos of Michael Jordans yacht basketball court and

Michael Jordan He did not play in this era in which basketball – and many other sports – distribute figures that at times seem incredible. Nevertheless, he and other players at that time made fortunes from their contracts, and they continue to do so for their various personal projects after finishing their professional careers. Look … Read more

This is the inside of Michael Jordan’s yacht: five decks, elevator and basketball court

1638678305 This is the inside of Michael Jordans yacht five decks

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls legend who is 58 years old today has, among his many properties, a spectacular yacht for which paid eighty million dollars. To release it, the former basketball star traveled two years ago with her friends to the Caribbean island of Saint Barts with the premise of starting to … Read more

Basketball Court and Private Elevator: Photos of Michael Jordan’s $ 80 Million Yacht

Basketball Court and Private Elevator Photos of Michael Jordans

The six-time NBA champion made sure he doesn’t lack a basketball court on his boat If you talk about an athlete who changed the history of basketball, quickly the name that comes to mind is that of Michael Jordan. Former player and legend of the Chicago bulls He enjoys his present as an entrepreneur in … Read more

Pippen wants to demystify Jordan’s Flu Game against the Jazz in 1997

1637605210 Pippen wants to demystify Jordans Flu Game against the Jazz

The former multi-champion forward with the Bulls is keen to dispel all the myths attributed to ‘His Majesty’. Scottie pippen continues with its raid of statements against ‘Your Majesty’. Maybe it’s more than just a marketing strategy for your new book. “Unguarded”. Although the relationship between the two has been very bad for a long … Read more

Michael Jordan’s son was arrested for assaulting health personnel

Jeffrey Jordan

Michael Jordan’s eldest son was arrested for allegedly assaulting medical staff at a hospital in Arizona. Jeffrey Jordan, 32, was being treated for a head injury at the time, according to FOX 10 Phoenix. He has since been released and is awaiting further investigations. Jeffrey Jordan, the son of the legend of the NBA Michael … Read more

Michael Jordan’s method of fooling and avoiding NBA fans

michael jordan nba.jpg 242310155

NBA Michael Jordan’s fame and legacy made him use his teammates’ cars to mislead NBA fans. By Julio Montenegro September 06, 2021 06:45 PM EDT NBAMichael Jordan, NBA star (Photo: Getty Images) Michael Jordan broke the boundaries of the NBA and made American basketball one of the best-known and most watched sports in the world. … Read more