The Israeli minister who was unable to attend COP26 due to being in a wheelchair was finally able to participate in the summit

Karine Elharrar, Orna Barbivai and Meir Cohen of the Yesh Atid party arrive for consultations on the formation of a coalition government, at the president’s residence in Jerusalem. REUTERS / Amir Cohen / File Photo Israel’s energy minister, who uses a wheelchair, was able to attend the world climate summit on Tuesday, after the police … Read more

An Israeli startup announced the launch of the first antimicrobial basketball net

Agency AJN.- The Innovation Centers of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Ben Gurion University of the Negev won two of the world’s most prestigious awards for entrepreneurship in higher education. ASPER-HUJI Innovate, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Hebrew University, received the “Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Center” award. The recognition was announced during … Read more

Why do the Israeli team and its clubs play in Europe? – Dawn


Despite being part of Asia, in almost all sports Israel participates in European associations. It is not by chance nor was it a random decision that the Israeli soccer team is currently competing in tournaments organized by UEFA. Nor is it imposed by hand that clubs like Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv are fighting … Read more