President of INDER said that Cuba will soon add another 2 stadiums to play at night

President of INDER said that Cuba will soon add another

By Yasel Porto Unlike most of the National Series that have existed, this 61st edition has differed from them in several aspects. One of them is related to the timing of the matches, because except for the Latin American stadium, the rest do not have the technical conditions to hold night games. After a long … Read more

Concern in fans and displeasure at INDER for Cuban pitcher who published a photo outside of Cuba

Concern in fans and displeasure at INDER for Cuban pitcher

By Yasel Porto The publication of a photo in Russia of a Cuban pitcher who was in the offing to participate in the island’s next baseball season not only surprised many fans, but the specter of concern loomed quite strongly. The post on his official Instagram profile of the Camagüey serpentine player José Ramón Rodríguez … Read more

OFFICIAL NOTE: INDER CANCELED Provincial ban and Pedro Álvarez goes with Industriales

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The Latin American Stadium will be administered by ‘forms of non-state management’

The new national commissioner of baseball, Juan Reinaldo Pérez, announced that the Latin American Stadium in Havana, flagship park of the cuban ball and headquarters of the Industrials of the capital, It will be administered by “non-state management forms”, as the authorities describe private businesses authorized by the Government. During a meeting with directors of … Read more

INDER appoints a new Cuban national baseball commissioner

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The National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) announced this Friday the appointment of Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo as the new national baseball commissioner, a position that was vacant after the death of Ernesto Reynoso Piñeiro last April 27, victim of the coronavirus in Cuba. With a degree in Physical Culture and Sports, … Read more

Cuba-Japan coverage: INDER seeks to toughen contracts for Cuban players

Andy Rodriguez

By Jerry Díaz / @ Jerryto94 It is no longer a secret that the majority of Cuban players who sign contracts with Japanese clubs under the aegis of the Cuban Federation they do it without knowing the terms. There are not a few who, despite having a pact in force, have decided to break ties … Read more

IT HAD TO BE SAYED AND IT WAS SAID: Cuban multi-champion attacked INDER


By SwingCompleto / INDER continues to talk about its way of acting with its athletes, including those who at a certain moment became stars at the highest level in the international context. Situations in recent times with Lázaro Bruzón, Leinier Domínguez, Hanser garcia, Ángel Fournier, Marlies Mejías and a very recent case such as … Read more