MLB: AJ Hinch confesses why Miguel Cabrera will play with the Tigers in 2023

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Frederlin Castro Miguel Cabrera was hitting around .300 in the first half of the season. Unfortunately, Cabrera was unable to maintain that trend and finished the season with a .254 average. In fact, in the second half of the season, Cabrera hit just .171 with two home runs and nine RBIs in 33 games. AJ … Read more

Will Carlos Correa sign with Detroit Tigers because of special bond with AJ Hinch?

In recent days it became known that Detroit Tigers would join the teams that are in the dispute to get the services of Carlos Correa ahead of Season 2022 of MLB. This firm It would not be unreasonable, since in addition to a possible economic amount that would attract his attention, the Puerto Rican pI … Read more