Harder still

Overcoming the delivery of the debut against Espanyol in LaLiga, Xavi Hernández now has the most difficult time yet tomorrow, Tuesday in the Champions League at the Camp Nou. Against Benfica, the new coach is playing the almost definitive option (at the expense of a rather unlikely feat in Munich against Bayern) of overcoming the … Read more

Throwing 200 innings is getting harder and harder

Right-hander Walker Buehler is proud to have thrown 200 innings this season for the Dodgers, especially considering he has suffered numerous injuries throughout his career and an operation on Tommy John. The achievement is even greater when you take into account the current state of affairs in the Major Leagues. “I never did it before. … Read more

Which is harder: hitting 100 mph or shooting from half court? MLB players repsonden

Which is harder hitting 100 mph or shooting from half

TO even though baseball is a global sport that is played around the world and only continues to gain popularity in places where traditionally you don’t play ball, like Europe, Africa and Oceania, is still quite misunderstood by many people and there are several myths around this that remain if answered for those who are … Read more

Haaland gets harder

Haaland gets harder

The future plans that Real Madrid has for Erling Haaland are even more complicated, if they were not already difficult enough. The white club faces a moment of global crisis in the world of football that has decimated its accounts, the opposition of Borussia Dortmund to sell (for now) and the obligation to discuss the … Read more